Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Gaa, gooo, lalala, "No Mama NO!!!!.......Wait, what did you just say?!!!

If you're wondering just what I meant by my blog post title, well it's pretty simple. My 20 month old daughter has figured out how to use her tongue to form words, all kinds of words! "Mama" was there a few months ago, a given ;), and there was a favorite dog at Nana and Grandpa's who became known as "baa baa" a well produced version of his name, Ricky Bobby, then we heard "Daa Dee" which excited my husband to no end, he just loves hearing her say Daddy, over and over and over and over. Well this mom loved hearing all the words too. I love the animal sounds she's figured out, sounds like moo, woof and a lions roar. All amazing, all fun and yes, she's so smart!!  Then yesterday arrived......and so did the word "NO." Yup, the kid has learned how to say No and in an amazing amount of time ( did I mention she's sharp?) she also has figured out just what that word means. The fun shall now begin.

No mommy, no! No, mommy NO!!! NO! NO! NO! NO! No diaper change, no clothing change, No leave the pool, No get in car seat, NO, NO, NO!!. In the course of a mere 48 hours I can honestly say I've heard NO at least a hundred times. Which got me to thinking, should I have not used that word while helping her understand there are limits? Mommy and daddy know best and that no, you can't go into the street? Or, no jumping on the couch? She's not trying to defy me, just yet anyways, I mean, the darling is only 20 months old and a very good girl. I chalk it up to new words and that wonderful time in a child's life where there is so much to learn and do that it is simply overwhelming. It's pretty funny though, when I think about how it must look, a child kicking and screaming NO MOMMY NO!! She's not the first and she won't be the last, so I find comfort in knowing there are so many other mommy's out there having dealt with the very same issues now challenging me. In fact, I happen to know that yours truly was a fine tantrum thrower and used NO quite often, according to my own dear mother.

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