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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Marin Mama Races her Tot....And Loses!

Okay, so I realize it's important to encourage our children, especially when they are doing something wonderful, healthy, important or amazing. But what if said child is doing this amazing activity in a place that is TOTALLY not the right spot to be practicing these awesome skills? Do you reprimand or encourage? Do you let your kiddo run wild because they have a keen sense of direction? Do you hope that your marathon runner might make it back over to you? Do you let your kid swim off into the sunset? How does one balance the props for skills and the desire to keep a child within arm's reach, which, at any age before ???? is the best option.

Let me elaborate. My daughter has recently discovered she prefers to be on her feet while we run errands to any store, more specifically, the mother of stores, you know the one to which I refer....Target. Oh Targjayy, how we love you. We love the "One Spot" we love the walls of candy, we love the aisles in which we run, at full speed. Wait....back up, no, my daughter loves the aisles at which she runs full speed.

I on the other hand, after having a serious heart to heart with a 2.5 year old with her own opinions, do not love the aisles. They have corners and my kid runs too fast for me to maneuver the stupid cart I thought I needed. I can hear her pitter patter down the main center aisle, I can hear here saying "Mommy I run fast!" There is such enthusiasm in her voice it almost makes me feel guilty to run after her, huffing and puffing, cart abandoned, sweep her up and literally force her into the cart seat. I gotta get stuff done! Kiddo, we are not training for a marathon at the local TARGET!!!

After that, our trip isn't so much fun. But the child just runs TOO FAST!! And she's TOO CUTE, and people look at me weird when she's running away, nearly 20 yards ahead of me. Hopefully as time continues, she'll enjoy browsing at the slow pace I used to enjoy. When she was about 2 weeks old. And asleep the entire trip.

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Marin Mama Hears Real Words....With Real Meaning!

My kiddo has been off the charts awesome on the child sign language hoopla. We got some videos as a gift and man, did they work! The kid had like 40 or 50 signs down in 4 months, something crazy! We were so proud and truly, it did lessen the level of frustration a non-verbal toddler might have from the simple lack of communication tools. I was very happy and excited. Until I thought (first child syndrome here) it might be time for her lovely little voice to make an appearance. I KNEW she knew how to say the words, but signing was easier, and more comfortable. I wasn't mad at all, no, in fact, more of the opposite, because I loved how she could just feel good about communication. But I really wanted her to talk. I wanted to hear her count to ten or show me colors or say her friends' name.

Eventually I just took a deep breath and said to myself, "mama, she's talking just not verbally, chill out man, it will happen." So we chilled out...and waited and remained supportive. Then, about two months ago, even one month ago, someone must have loosened her tongue or given her the magic potion to unlock speech because this kiddo will NOT STOP TALKING! She's so excited about being able to say exactly what she means, express her feelings, tell me about her day, tell her dad about her day, talk to her friends during playtime, talk to her Nana and Baba and Mimi during FaceTime, the words just keep pouring out.

Everyday she gets better! Two syllables today, heck, four tomorrow! Three word sentences today, oh yeah? 5 word sentences tomorrow! The amount of confidence and vibrancy speech gives to my tot is so special and so precious and so much fun to witness. For a few weeks it was 10 new words everyday and what a joy to hear them coming from the little creature who only 2 short years ago was spitting up on my shoulder. What a trip. Such an adventure. So much fun.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Marin Mama Faces no Man's Land: In between the Toilet and the Diapers

***Post Disclaimer: This one if full of poop and pee, those of you with an aversion to potty humor quit reading now.****

Okay, I knew potty training would be something of a serious matter. So serious in fact, I was and am determined not to rush this delicate process. We use cloth diapers at home and corn starch diapers out in the field so I'm not thinking about what diapers cost or the danger to the environment. I'm also OK with my daughter not being ready to move from diapers to the toilet. She's had a little green potty chair for over 6 months and the only thing she does with it is use the bottom half as a stool while brushing her little teeth. Every time in the last few months when I asked her if she wanted to give the thing a test run the answer was "no." So totally not ready to play the potty game. Then again, for a while there her answer to EVERYTHING was "no," probably because she liked the way it sounds and she enjoys the reaction mom gives her after hearing the world 500,000 times in one day.

So I quit asking.  For a while. However, in recent weeks I've observed her observing that sometimes, whoops all of a sudden, "Gee, I'm carrying a load in my pants."  It's kind of funny to watch a child go from unaware of bodily functions to extremely aware and better yet, exceedingly helpful when attempting to rid herself of said load. It's also interesting to hear her offer up helpful information like, "Mommy, poop, bobo!" translation: Mom, there's is something in my pants, it came from my bottom. 

As much as I appreciate her helpful hints, I'm not what you'd call thrilled when seeing her fingers full of you-know-what, after she's shoved her hand down her pants to figure out what just happened. Lucky for me she's quick to let me know what treasure has been literally dug up. I'm also not super excited to see that while napping she's stripped her self down and peed all over her sheets. Truth be told, sometimes she takes the diaper off and then pees on the sheets. Or maybe that was only when she was bummed to be in her crib when she wasn't ready to take a nap.

 It's all part of the learning process and I think it's great that she's becoming award of her humanly function all on her own. I'll admit the clean up can be frustrating, extreme patience will be necessary when she actually begins training and it's really hard not to laugh when your kid shows you a handful of poop but all in all, I think she'll get it down in no time. Maybe not 3 days, but hey, who's counting?