Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween with a 2 year old.....More Fun Than a Bag of Tricks

Last night was the first time Halloween meant something to my toddler. Once she figured out that the costume I gave her and the bucket she was carrying meant that people would give her candy, oh, she had it down pat. So well in fact, at one stop she walked right in to the living room and saw what she could see. No problemwhatsoeverthanksyouverymuch she seemed to say. Even when she took a dive in the street and her candy stash went flying, she didn't cry as much as one tear. She was probably too jacked up from all the sugar, to be honest, but we didn't care, it's one night a year.

We ruled the streets with a great group of parents and kids, all under the age of 5. The local neighborhood is amazing and generous, these kids got enough candy to last them quite a while. With the loving help of the parents, of course. It's been decided our kiddo will be allowed to eat some of her lovingly collected chocolate bars, but only one every other day or so. Her enjoyment will be stretched out into a few weeks and Mom has her emergency chocolate sorted out too.

This year, I really realized Halloween truly is the most fun for the children. Seeing them dressed up, the older kids excited about their costume selection, the screaming, the spooks, the treats. As an adult I would go to the required costume party every year but I've had more fun these last two years trick or treating than any year, at any Halloween bash. It's just so precious to see my baby girl make her way to the front of the pack to get her reward. She wasn't scared of anything, nope, not even the screaming banshees. Every year is going to get better, I think, as she is able to talk more and share her first time experiences, that will take me back to my own youth. So bring on the goblins and witches and ghosts, next year we'll be waiting and ready!

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