Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Marin Mama Hears Real Words....With Real Meaning!

My kiddo has been off the charts awesome on the child sign language hoopla. We got some videos as a gift and man, did they work! The kid had like 40 or 50 signs down in 4 months, something crazy! We were so proud and truly, it did lessen the level of frustration a non-verbal toddler might have from the simple lack of communication tools. I was very happy and excited. Until I thought (first child syndrome here) it might be time for her lovely little voice to make an appearance. I KNEW she knew how to say the words, but signing was easier, and more comfortable. I wasn't mad at all, no, in fact, more of the opposite, because I loved how she could just feel good about communication. But I really wanted her to talk. I wanted to hear her count to ten or show me colors or say her friends' name.

Eventually I just took a deep breath and said to myself, "mama, she's talking just not verbally, chill out man, it will happen." So we chilled out...and waited and remained supportive. Then, about two months ago, even one month ago, someone must have loosened her tongue or given her the magic potion to unlock speech because this kiddo will NOT STOP TALKING! She's so excited about being able to say exactly what she means, express her feelings, tell me about her day, tell her dad about her day, talk to her friends during playtime, talk to her Nana and Baba and Mimi during FaceTime, the words just keep pouring out.

Everyday she gets better! Two syllables today, heck, four tomorrow! Three word sentences today, oh yeah? 5 word sentences tomorrow! The amount of confidence and vibrancy speech gives to my tot is so special and so precious and so much fun to witness. For a few weeks it was 10 new words everyday and what a joy to hear them coming from the little creature who only 2 short years ago was spitting up on my shoulder. What a trip. Such an adventure. So much fun.

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