Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Marin Mama Races her Tot....And Loses!

Okay, so I realize it's important to encourage our children, especially when they are doing something wonderful, healthy, important or amazing. But what if said child is doing this amazing activity in a place that is TOTALLY not the right spot to be practicing these awesome skills? Do you reprimand or encourage? Do you let your kiddo run wild because they have a keen sense of direction? Do you hope that your marathon runner might make it back over to you? Do you let your kid swim off into the sunset? How does one balance the props for skills and the desire to keep a child within arm's reach, which, at any age before ???? is the best option.

Let me elaborate. My daughter has recently discovered she prefers to be on her feet while we run errands to any store, more specifically, the mother of stores, you know the one to which I refer....Target. Oh Targjayy, how we love you. We love the "One Spot" we love the walls of candy, we love the aisles in which we run, at full speed. Wait....back up, no, my daughter loves the aisles at which she runs full speed.

I on the other hand, after having a serious heart to heart with a 2.5 year old with her own opinions, do not love the aisles. They have corners and my kid runs too fast for me to maneuver the stupid cart I thought I needed. I can hear her pitter patter down the main center aisle, I can hear here saying "Mommy I run fast!" There is such enthusiasm in her voice it almost makes me feel guilty to run after her, huffing and puffing, cart abandoned, sweep her up and literally force her into the cart seat. I gotta get stuff done! Kiddo, we are not training for a marathon at the local TARGET!!!

After that, our trip isn't so much fun. But the child just runs TOO FAST!! And she's TOO CUTE, and people look at me weird when she's running away, nearly 20 yards ahead of me. Hopefully as time continues, she'll enjoy browsing at the slow pace I used to enjoy. When she was about 2 weeks old. And asleep the entire trip.

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