Thursday, July 22, 2010

It's A Whole New World....

I can't get the theme song from the animated feature Aladdin out of my head. "It's a Whole New World, a magic place I never knew....." because my little munch started crawling a few days ago. No more rocking back and forth, I'm talking crawling, full motion. She's discovering nooks and crannies she never knew existed. She's finding awesome pieces of string from the carpet and checking to see if they taste good. Um, yeah, a whole new world indeed. This Marin Mama now realizes that her level of clean isn't as good as it could be. I could vacuum more often, mop more too. I notice feathers, leaves, dirt, anything that finds it's way to my floor and into my kids mouth. Her little head has bumped the side of the coffee table more than once, (need to baby proof!)She is having an amazing first few days, the looks she gives me are priceless.  This is a whole different lesson altogether, for both of us. Even though I try to make light of some of our trials and tribulations, each day I am astounded at the rate of growth, not only physically but emotionally. It is a wonderful experience to behold.

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