Friday, August 20, 2010

Little Baby Teeth vs. Marin Mama

I haven't thought about baby teeth in years. Not until my daughter was born. See, right around 5 months a mother starts looking for some pearly whites to make an appearance in a gummy little mouth. A mother expects to see these teeth because that would be the answer to why the little one is upset, crying, or otherwise dissatisfied.Well I kept looking and looking until one day, oh, what is that?? Four teeth coming in all at once? Well! When this kid does things, she does it in a big way, or so it seems.  She is still drooling constantly, puts everything and anything in her mouth, rubs her little ears. It's got to hurt, teething, can you imagine?? A constant pain, just annoying enough to disrupt sleep and cause irritation. Enough throbbing to make a person want to try and get those teeth through themselves, in hopes of stopping the ache. Here, in my opinion, are some pluses ( or minuses, depending on your sense of humor) to having your child sprout chompers:

1.Now the baby can eat chunkier foods, only to stress mom out to no end ( fear of the baby choking is serious)

2. The little munchkin can really rip into any/all items that may find their way to the floor, including bits of paper, carpet, socks, etc.

3. When dear mother attempts to slowly get a finger in sweet baby's mouth, mom is treated to a razor sharp poke, no joke, razor sharp!

4. The adorable baby will take on annoying habit of grinding teeth, and yes, it is loud enough to give you chills.

5. When little baby smiles, her face takes on a whole new look and mom is left wondering if time has sped up in the short months since she met her little spark plug.

It's actually a good thing to see some little teeth in my daughter's mouth, but it's also hilarious to see what's going to be thrown at this Marin Mama, believe me, I'm always surprised.

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  1. Before to long you'll have to get a baby toothbrush. That'll be a whole new experience!