Monday, October 18, 2010

Marin Mama vs. The Big Bad Virus

I never was a hypochondriac. My mother was an R.N. and we had access to excellent health care.  I managed to remain in relatively good health throughout my teens and twenties. There was a period of time where I didn't have health insurance but aside from regular check-ups, I was fortunate enough to stay out of the doc's office. Since having my daughter, we've had excellent care and we have a fabulous pediatrician. We've been for all our well baby check ups and there was only one visit in between. Until the Big Bad Virus stopped by for a nice five day long visit. It was during the Big Bad Virus's tenure in our home that this relatively calm, non reactionary mama was afflicted with what I affectionately call Crazy Mother Syndrome.

You see, CMS is a real condition. It sort of lays low until something like BBV comes by and throws anything a parent may have known or thought they had a handle on, out the window. To watch your little darling cry and cry and cry. To know that she is very uncomfortable and nothing will make it feel better. To want to explain why she feels bad but realize she is too young  to understand. These are the things that force CMS out into the open.

In the span of five days I called the advice nurse 3 times, we made two doctors visits and a early Sunday morning visit to the ER, mostly because CMS was at it's worst after two nights of no sleep and a very unhappy 11 month old child. Labeled a non-specific virus, the symptoms my daughter was experiencing are very common and there is no medication, only time. It includes blisters of  the throat, tummy aches, head aches, body aches, vomit, high temperature and rash, basically, no fun whatsoever. This is my first child and  my CMS was at an all time high. I'm guessing by the third kid, (if I survive that long) these feelings may be slightly subdued but who knows? I hated to see her feeling so terrible and one of the best moments I've had was the morning I went in and she was laughing, the first time in five days.

The BBV had gone on its merry way and the CMS took a chill-pill. Life had resumed to its former relaxed state. Another life lesson learned.

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