Thursday, January 24, 2013

Marin Mama Stays Calm....Even During the Storms

I've learned that my precocious daughter is huge a tantrum thrower. Now, on authority from this mama's own mama, I too, was a thrower of the mighty storm. I'm talking on the ground, red faced, drama queen style screaming. And lucky me, (and too my mother's delight) I am raising a fantastically smart, stubborn and opinionated little girl. Seriously, I do feel quite lucky. Even when she's on the ground, about 25 yards behind me in the mall, screaming for all the world to hear. Because I know this strength and feeling she has about, oh say, riding the rides when I don't have any quarters, will help her succeed in the future. Because she'll never take it sitting down. Because she'll fight for what she wants, because she'll refuse to give up. Doesn't every mother hope for that kind of determination and strength in a child? Even if it means you feel like you might be going insane at this very moment? Or even if you get those knowing looks and smiles from those who've tread the path before you?

My answer is yes. I'm willing to deal with the drama now, because I know my kiddo won't just sit back and watch her life pass by. Nope, this one is hopping on the happening train and taking over for the conductor!!  At this point, I just need to ride out the tantrum and feel confident that these exhausting moments will come back and give her a little kick in the behind.

And when she has a daughter of her own, I'll be able to look back and feel just as proud of her as my mother feels of me.

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