Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Marin Mama Goes Head to Head....With the Righteous Mommy

Okay, this is a little bit of a rant. I'm a pretty laid back mama. Rules are definitely important, as is respect and listening but overall, I'm up for letting kids figure it on their own, sans the hover-style parenting many people seem to find so fashionable these days. For example: leaving your kid in the car for over 60 seconds to run an errand, even if the windows are down....maybe not such a great idea. Walking away from a screaming 3 year old who won't leave the confines of the toy ship at the local children's museum....totally acceptable. I'm talking maybe 50 yards here, with sight of said screamer at all times. Honestly, it was either walk away and hope she follows or rip her out of the ship and carry a kicking, screaming, very unhappy child to the front gate. I opted for the former, because, again, I think it's important to let kids figure some things out on their own. RIGHT?!!

 Well apparently this was very, very wrong for another mom today. She saw the kiddo's face coming from out of the ship window  and made a beeline for the thing. I was already walking back towards the ship because it was very obvious my brilliant plan wasn't working this time round. She looked at me, looked at the screamer, looked at me again and kept walking. I called out "It's okay, she's mine, it's totally fine" and I got the most distasteful-you-are-an-awful parent look, one of the worst I've seen in some time.

I almost laughed because it really was funny. There was absolutely no chance of anything happening. The place was closing and no one was there, just me, the screamer and this worry wort of a parent who clearly thinks I'm going about child rearing the total wrong way.

Being overly sensitive? Perhaps. But really!? I can't get 50 yards away with kid in sight without being frowned upon? What's next? If I let my kid climb the ladder to the "Big Kid" slide, am I totally irresponsible? Sorry, I'm just of the school of common sense. I mean, kids have been around for how long and are pretty resilient, in my opinion. Especially if she's got me watching from the sidelines.

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