Friday, December 10, 2010

Ho, Ho, Ho....Nothing Gets This Mama Down! Happy Holidays!

The holiday season is a good season. I am not, nor have I ever been, a Grinch. Even in college I was dragging a box of ornaments around to various dilapidated houses and every season would decorate a charming tree that bore a vague resemblance to Charlie Brown's favorite evergreen. The holiday season of 2010, however, has been a lot more shiny and sparkling than holiday seasons in years past. There were a few key tip offs that alerted me to the fact that I might be one of those mommies who cries upon taking the carefully preserved, hideous looking "first" ornament out of the bubble wrapping in twenty years.

Tip Off  #1: I was checking out Santa's workshop at the local mall on December 1st. DECEMBER 1st!!

Tip Off  #2: I spent about a half an hour finding the perfect holiday station on Pandora and have been listening to classic holiday tunes for a good portion of each day.

Tip Off  #3: I've gotten almost all my holiday shopping done and it's only December 10th.(this is a true first, a miracle!)

Tip Off  #4: Me myself and I have already watched at least two holiday specials, one being the ever popular Christmas Story.

Tip Off  #5: I insisted that my husband find and purchase tickets to The Nutcracker, something I haven't done since I was about 12.

Tip Off  #6: When I received a DIY hand print making kit for a Secret Santa I was actually really excited because I had already wanted to do one for my in-laws.

Tip Off #7: For the first time EVER I ordered and will send out holiday cards to our dearest peeps. I've never been organized enough to get this done!

Since the little one is only 14 months old unfortunately, I can't blame the the kid. This mama is in full holiday mode but honestly, it's the anticipation of how she'll feel in a couple of years that has me all giggly and cheerful. The thought of creating our own family traditions, the blending of our two families, it is thrilling. The holiday season truly makes one realize the importance of family, and it brings to light just how lucky my little girl is, to have a tremendous, generous, fantastic family to share her memories.

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