Monday, December 27, 2010

Marin Mama has become a Christmas Ham, a Turkey and a Pecan Pie

My family and I have made a safe return to a soggy and damp Marin County. The holiday season is nearly over and most of the damage has been done. It's official. I've turned into a Christmas ham, a turkey, the stuffing and a pecan pie. The feasts were numerous and the celebrations delightful. I said to myself, "Why, you are on vacation! Help yourself to that second helping of brisket BBQ and be sure to have a slice of pie for an after-lunch snack." Eating over the holidays has always been a trial for this Marin Mama. I am lucky to be an active person and should be able to return to healthier habits but I rarely hold back from eating after Thanksgiving until just around January 2nd. This year was different though, because it was no longer just about my eating habits gone mad, but my daughter's as well. Normally I'm very aware of what she puts in her mouth and by all means, she ate a very, very healthy diet while we were on vacation. I'd say there were a lot more blueberries on her plate than cookies and sugar but nevertheless, she's had more sugary treats in the last 1.5 months than in the 15 months of her existence.

The real problem with our situation is that whatever I've got, the kid wants. So really, can you blame her for wanting to eat queso, tortilla chips, any and all desserts, cheese balls, Christmas cookies, fudge, turkey and cranberry sauce, or muddy buddies, considering the fact she witnessed her mommy shove all of these items and several other popular Christmas dishes down her wind pipe?? No, you cannot. It's gotten to the point where she'll try to take whatever I've got in my hand and so I found myself thinking on the plane ride back to the Bay Area today that my husband and I must become more diligent in reducing our intake in the sweet and salty department.  At least, during her waking hours because I must admit that I do love chocolate. And cake and ice cream. And chips and pizza.

Please don't think that I spend my time on the couch devouring boxes of cookies and tubes of ice cream, this isn't the case. Truth be told, it's possible to find a tube of Ben and Jerry's in our freezer. Check the cupboard and it's also possible one would find some Oreos or my husband's biggest weakness, sugar cereal. We know we aren't being as diligent as we could be on healthy eating, we are a a work in progress. It's an important topic in our house because we believe children are a direct reflection of their parents. It's also an important topic because childhood obesity is becoming an epidemic. Last but certainly not least, because I want to live a long healthy life and see my daughter thrive as well.

 I'm not saying we'll only be drinking wheat grass for a month, I don't want to go to that extreme. I am saying as soon as the weather improves my family and I will hope to frequent the Sunday farmer's market more often, stocking up on seasonal, local produce. I am saying we will try to plant an early garden and follow through with our winter vegetables for next year. I am saying I'll try to find at least one vegetarian meal each week that my red-meat loving hubby will enjoy. I am saying we'll still enjoy a cookie once in a while and oh, maybe some of that ice cream and cake too. I am saying over time my little family and I will find a balance between the healthy stuff, the not-so-healthy-stuff and maybe find something tasty in between.

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  1. Love it Gabs! Do you have a video showing your lack of will power around the food? We should get together and FEAST!! Miss you!