Thursday, April 4, 2013

Marin Mama Stops to Smell the Roses

Wanna know what gets me going? Springtime in Marin County. Yup, it's at this time I sit back and really dig in my heels, reaffirming my determination to ensure my family lives and thrives in this absolutely beautiful place. It's really not fair, I mean, to people who don't live near Marin or the Bay Area because the scenery is well, simply breathtaking. It's not just the rolling green hills or the vast amounts of wildflowers seen fluttering in the wind just about everywhere. It's the fresh smells, the creeks flowing, the mist and fog seen hovering around Mt. Tam like a blanket wanting to cover the sleeping lady for a nice afternoon nap. It's seeing my fellow Marinites taking advantage of the sunny but-not-crazy-hot days. We can be found lounging at the parks, walking down our main streets enjoying ice cream, wandering the booths at any number of farmer's markets, kayaking, grabbing a beer at Marin Brewing Company after an awesome bike ride.

I consider it an honor and an absolute privilege to only work weekends and thus be able to wander the county with the kiddo in tow almost every day of the work week, when the trails are empty, the lakes are still and the meadows are pristine.  The little gal loves it too, which is a thrill all in itself. She already talks about the beach and the water with such love that this mama, having grown up in the Sacramento Valley, believes with all her heart that it's oh-so-cool we can pack up the car and hit the sand within 30 or so minutes.

Our little yard is in full bloom. The pink jasmine is about the explode and I never get tired of the scent so strong it wafts down to the lower level of our driveway. The hubby got a head start on the garden planting and the potato tops are sprouting, the strawberries are blooming and all the perennials are popping up and showing their true colors. I can't wait to start picking the fruits of our labor and trying, at least, to get some of it in the house before my daughter eats most of it, fresh, right there in the yard.

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  1. Pictures!!!! I feel the same way about living here....a little guilty ;) xoxo