Thursday, April 15, 2010

Godzelly Attacks! Or...Don't Wake The Zelly Monster

Babies make weird noises as they discover the vocal cords their parents will come to know intrinsically. In the midst of 15 young things I am able to identify the cries of my daughter. She grunts, laughs, squeals, coos and growls. Yes, she growls. She sounds like a little monster ( a cute one) and it separates her (for me) out of a group of sweet babies. She also likes to thump her little feet as hard as she can, either upon waking or when she hasn't quite found  her way to dreamland. She thumps so hard, just the other day while in the shower I actually heard and felt the vibrations of her thumping through the wall and through the shower pressure. Thump, thump, thump, goes the Godzelly, grrr, grr, grrr, goes the Zelly Monster. Monster she really isn't, but it's so damn cute, and Godzelly just has a ring to it. It's her way of letting Mommy and Daddy know she is NOT ready to sleep or she is READY to get up and party!

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