Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Rainy Day Dreams....Outdoor Fun in and around Marin County

It has been an extremely wet winter here in Marin County, Northern CA. While I am thrilled that the golden state is no longer considered to be in a drought, I can't help but admit that my soul, not to mention my house, car and yard are all slightly dampened. Oh, we've gotten a few sunny gorgeous days that only Marin can offer, just enough to keep one looking to the future of warmth and beauty. On those particular days I've been fortunate to get out and around with the little one. I'm often joined by another rockin' Marin Mama, but sometimes it's just me and the munchkin. We've discovered some fantastic running paths and a few hikes that bring life into perspective. Check out these sources for outdoor fun for you and your family.

Weekend Sherpa , which offers weekly outdoor activities and outing in and around the Bay Area.

Bay Trail - running from Novato to Sausalito - I like to start off of East Blythedale in Mill Valley and head for Sausalito, the view of Mount Tamalpais is unmatched.

7 Waterfall Hikes in Marin - Top 7 waterfall hikes in Marin County - best hiking time Feb-April, give and take a month or two.

Tennessee Valley Trails - a trailhead that will take hikers to a small beach cove, or up and over to Muir Beach, part of the Golden Gate National Park lands

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