Friday, April 9, 2010

Sleep....what's that??

My daughter will be six months old tomorrow. She's always been a decent napper and we've had her on a "Baby Whisperer" approved routine since her first day at home, which, I believe, has gotten her into a nice rythmn. That's all fine and dandy but what about when she's teething? Or growing so fast her little bones ache? Well let me tell you, a night like last night makes me want to throw any baby book out the window because wow, waking up every two hours is SO out of the ordinary for her. Not a good night. Went sort of like this:

10:15 pm - wake up before dream feed - where she is still sleeping and eating
1:00am - wake up and cry for 30 minutes - changed her diaper
3:00am - wake up and cry for an hour - wants to eat but we are trying to cut out her night feeds
6:30am - wake up and wants to eat - okay, let's do it!

Um, yeah.....not such a good night. At some point in the next year my partner and I would like to get away for a weekend and leave the babe with her grandma but that can't happen if she's still waking up at 3, 4 or 5 to nibble away on Mommy. Needless to say, the 3:00 cry-fest was the hardest to deal with, because yes, it would have been easy to slap her on the boob, but she isn't hungry! She's just tired and wants to go back to sleep but needs my help. Again, the Baby Whisperer comes into play, with the Pick Up/Put Down method, which takes a while but IT DOES WORK EVENTUALLY! ***Take note new mommies, don't give up!****

We'll try it again tonight, I'm sure it will be a sobfest at 4:00am but if I ever want to get 8 hours ever again, this is the method we are to try for the time being. If it means I'll be sleep deprived for three days in order to get her sleeping through the night, I'll give it a try.

Happy Friday to you all! Enjoy the beautiful day, we certainly intend to do so.

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