Thursday, April 8, 2010

I don't need this blog, but here it is anyways

I probably don't need this blog. I have a facebook account, a twitter account, a yelp account, a skype account, a google buzz account and everything in between. And oh yes, those social media forums are intertwined, so when I post on Yelp, my facebook buddies see it. But, seeing that I want to continue to share my road down motherhood with those I love and those who rock, creating a blog was simply the next step! I like to think I'm plugged in and updated and maybe one day, this forum will be important. Until then, it's just me, baby Zelly and all the loyal Zelly fans who want regular updates!

I intend to post my trials and tribulations, fun Mommy facts that any mother will appreciate, restaurant suggestions and reflections on being a mother right now, in 2010. Maybe one of my posts will speak to you!

Enjoy and spread the word.



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